“I have been meaning to write to say thank you for such a lovely intro course to meditation. You are a wonderful speaker with an innate ability to connect with your audience.  My husband and I enjoyed it and we have been practicing.”

-Mikhaela Long, TMC Student

“The workshop was satisfying and helpful. A good reminder of what I know and can put to greater use. Thank you for all the preparation and attention to detail. You are a very skillful teacher.”

-Anonymous, TMC Student

“The instructor was so caring and genuine, it was a welcome relief to know there was someone guiding me through the practice. Thank you!”

-Barb Lafferman, TMC Student

“I was dealing with a lot of pain after my surgery. The body scan meditation has been such an incredible tool to help me relax and work with the pain.”

-Anonymous, TMC Student

“There’s a lot of buzz about mindfulness and I have to admit I was skeptical coming to your class. But after learning about the science of meditation and how it’s being integrated into modern medicine, I am no longer a skeptic.”

-Jason Rodriguez, TMC Student

“I’ve done many retreats in my lifetime, but the retreat you hosted was so empowering. I never knew I could meditate for so long and feel a sense of calmness and joy.”

-Roger Dodd, Retreat Participant

“I always thought I was too busy to meditate, but after listening to your wonderful presentation, I can see how to practice throughout my day. Thank you for coming to our business!”

-Susan Baca, Workplace Workshop Participant

“After 8 weeks of the MBSR program, I feel I have a new set of skills I can use to face the stressful situations of my life.”

-Cynthia Strong, TMC Student

“I never knew meditation could be so practical! Thank you for your straightforward approach.”

-Leandro Baca, TMC Student

“The teaching skills of the instructor was kind of unbelievable…one of the best teachers I’ve been in a class with, ever.  Thank you thank you thank you to The Mindful Center.”

-Paul Garcia, TMC Student

“You have blown my expectations away and I have told anyone who will listen to take these programs.”

-Leslie G. Kelly, MA, LPCC, University of New Mexico, Dept. of Psychiatry

“I don’t know where I would be right now (physically and emotionally) if I hadn’t gone to your 8 week MBSR class a year ago.  Isn’t it amazing?  It’s changed my life completely.”

-Stephen Jenkins, TMC Student

“I always thought meditation was for someone else…but after learning how to practice in your class, I feel I am ready to make it a part of my life.”

-Heather Roybald, TMC Student

“Anyone looking to reduce their stress and take better care of their heart should take this program.”

-Dr. Barry Ramo, NMHI Caridologist

“These programs are the real deal.  To anyone thinking about taking them, just go ahead and do it.  You won’t be sorry.”

-Karen Dove, TMC Student

“The Mindful Center delivered a quality program, a kind and thoughtful instructor, and I truly walked away from the 8 week MBSR class with a whole new view on life.  These programs just might be able to claim the title of “the Best.”

-Susan Freeman, TMC Student

“Every week I looked forward to my meditation class.”

-Ken Stark, TMC Student

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, my world turned upside down.  Learning meditation with The Mindful Center helped turn things right side up again.”

-Laura Levine, TMC Student

“Sets the bar for mindfulness training.”

-Anne Brownstone, TMC Student

“I couldn’t be more grateful for my meditation practice.  It has truly helped me to slow things down and be more of the person I want to be.”

-Suzanne Danziger, TMC Student

“I highly recommend these programs for any professional looking to reduce stress and create balance in their professional and personal lives.”

-Jeff Hansen, TMC Student