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3 Hour Workshop: Replanting the seeds of your daily mindfulness practice

Provision Health & Fitness
1400 Dowell Springs Blvd Suite 100
April 19, 2017 - 01:00 PM

Replant, reconnect, and restart your meditation practice. 3 Hour Workshop: Replanting the seeds of your daily mindfulness meditation practice. Sat. April 22. 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Cost: $50

The path of every meditator is fraught with peaks and valleys, ups and downs, insight and uncertainty. Perhaps at one time, you planted the seeds of your mindfulness practice, and saw these seeds grow, flourish, and ripen with your daily practice. But now… you find the seeds have grown dry, forgotten, and unable to grow.

What can you do about this? Why are you not practicing daily? How can you return to the daily cultivation of mindfulness?

This workshop will explore the teachings of the Five Hindrances, and why every meditator must confront and skillfully navigate the many obstacles present in maintaining a daily meditation practice. The workshop will help you reconnect to the simple and life-changing benefits of a daily meditation practice, and the actions we can take to make sure our meditation practice is on solid and fertile grounds.

Join us for a short, intensive, three-hour instructional workshop designed for those who at one time maintained a daily meditation practice, but currently find themselves:

1. Nor practicing daily
2. Stopped practicing overall
3. Having mental or physical challenges during practice

During the workshop, you will: 

1. Review the principles of mindfulness
2. Review and understand the challenges of a daily meditation practice through a study of the Five Hindrances
3. Learn and practice a new set of meditations
4. Learn how the practice of Love and Kindness can help you reconnect with the practice
5. Get your specific questions answered

If this program speaks to you, join us for this transformative three-hour workshop that will help you on your path to replanting your seeds of daily mindfulness practice.

Space is limited. Register today!

For any questions, please contact, Claudio Barrientos, Director / Lead Instructor of The Mindful Center Knoxville at: (865) 219-3210 or claudio@themindfulcenter.com

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