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Calm and Strong

Presbyterian Healthplex
6301 Forest Hills Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109
January 15, 2018 - 06:00 PM - March 05, 2018 07:15 PM

Mondays, 6-7:30pm, Jan. 15 – March 5,
Cost: $250 +tax
Instructors: Michelle DuVal, MA, and
Jose Maresma, Exercise Physiologist, NESTA-PFT.

Sometimes when we meditate, we forget about the body.

And sometimes when we care for the body, we leave out the mind.

Why not exercise the body and the mind….together?

That’s the impetus behind our new program – Calm and Strong.

Mindful Center director Michelle DuVal, MA has teamed with an extraordinary teacher and exercise physiologist Jose Maresma to develop this one of a kind program.

Each 1.25hr class is lean, fun, and to the point, covering both meditation and exercise from a scientific, spiritual, and progressive viewpoint.  Participants are then trained in both a 10 minute meditation AND a 10 minute exercise workout designed to create positive changes in both the body and the mind.

25 minutes of instruction on mindfulness and meditative techniques and practices
25 minutes of instruction on exercise, nutrition, and the science behind them
10 minutes of meditation practice
10 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training

Each participant also receives audio recordings of both the meditation and exercise, and video recordings of the exercises, so they can practice throughout the week….20 minutes of practice a day in both exercise and meditation!

Week to week the practices build on one another, enabling the participants to really feel and experience the progress that can be enabled by weekly attention to both physical and mental aspects of strength and resiliency.  

A comprehensive course book is also a part of the program, exploring the science and concepts of the various practices.  Also includes recipes designed to support both physical and mental health as you progress through the program.

**Modifications of the exercises are offered to include all body types, fitness levels, and physical limitations.  If you have a specific injury or physical limitation, modifications are offered for every exercise.**

**Though the exercises are short in duration, they are designed to get the heart rate up, fatigue the muscles to build strength, and develop some flexibility.  It’s a cardio workout.  BUT PLEASE NOTE: Modifications can be made for all body types and fitness level!**

“I’ve been wanting to build this program for years now, but hadn’t found the right partner who not only deeply understood the exercise piece of things, but could also see the relevance with the meditation.  Then I met Jose Maresma….and Calm and Strong was born.  Couldn’t be happier to be sharing it with all of you!”
Michelle DuVal, TMC Director

jose-head-shotJose has been a practicing exercise physiologist for over 25 years. Jose holds certifications in Advanced Clinical Weight Loss, Stress management, Mind-Body Health, and Strength & Conditioning. Jose also has special training in the neurology of performance and metabolic development.

Jose Maresma spent 9 years as Director of Athletic Performance at Polar Electro. Jose also was the Director of Programming at Nuvita LLC, a market leader in corporate wellness. Jose currently is the Director of Programming at The Mindful Center, and a Wellness consultant at Presbyterian Health Services.

Over his career Jose has worked with the US Olympic Training Center, USA Skiing, USA Soccer, USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, the NBA, NFL, NHL, along with over 100 Division One University Athletic Programs. Jose has also consulted the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers and the US Navy. Jose has also been a guest lecturer at 25 Universities including Duke, The University of North Carolina, the University of Texas-Austin and The University of Central Florida.

Jose has been a keynote speaker and lecturer at the National Strength and Conditioning Association Annual Conference, National Association of Basketball Coaches Annual Conference, National Association of Soccer Coaches Annual Conference, PT On The NET-Meeting of the Minds, and the International Health Racquet & Sports Club Association annual conference. He has a special passion for neurology & exercise and has worked with acclaimed Harvard author and professor of Psychiatry John Ratey MD. Jose has also been a featured fitness expert in Men’s Health Magazine, Best Life Magazine, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times newspapers, and FOX 5 TV. Jose’s passion is to help people find the best and healthiest version of themselves.



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