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Mindfulness meditation for health, healing, and stress reduction – Nashville

Scarritt Bennett Center / Room “Laskey B”
1008 19th Avenue South
May 27, 2017 - 10:00 AM

Sat, May 27th, 10 AM – 4 PM. Cost: $89
Since 1991, The Mindful Center has been offering this one-of-a-kind mindfulness meditation program designed for beginner and experienced practitioners. Register today and see what thousands of students in 25 years have come to experience: a simple, practical, and evidence-based approach to mindfulness meditation.

In this six hour program, participants progress through an intensive study and practice of mindfulness meditation: what it is, how to do it in our daily lives to reduce stress, manage pain, help with sleep issues, weight issues, healing processes, and much more.

Practical, non-religious, and evidence-based, this program will enable anyone to begin a mindfulness meditation practice the moment they walk out of class. You will learn to practice various mindfulness practices, including: concentration meditation, breathing meditation, eating meditation, walking meditation, body scan meditation, and mini-meditations, and many more.

Along with the various opportunities to learn, practice, and deepen your understanding of meditation, you will also be exposed to the science behind mindfulness, and how it has been clinically proven to increase the health of our mind, body, and brain.

To register, please click on “register for this program.” You can also contact Instructor, Claudio Barrientos at (865) 219-3210 or claudio@themindfulcenter.com (please be sure to read our cancellation policy on the bottom of page)

Summary of the Day Course

  • A dynamic course for profound yet easy to understand instruction on mindfulness meditation.
  • Easy-to-implement methods for a successful practice
  • Practical tips for reducing your stress as soon as the workshop is over
  • Time for practice throughout the day
  • Introduction to a variety of mindfulness meditation practices – walking, eating, and lying down for sleep.

Call 865-219-3210 for more info or to register
Email: claudio@themindfulcenter.com

Reasons people participate in the Day Course in Mindfulness:

  • · Stress — job, family, financial, health, or even no known cause
  • · Chronic pain
  • · Illness
  • · Anxiety and panic
  • · Depression
  • · GI distress
  • · Sleep disturbances
  • · Fatigue
  • · High blood pressure
  • · Headaches

Benefits of an Ongoing Meditation Practice

  • Physiological Benefits
  • Lower blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Increased brain activation in regions associated with positive thoughts and mood
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Increase in ability to be non-judgmental
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increase in positive thoughts
  • Emotional benefits
  • Increased ability to regulate emotions
  • Increased capacity for empathy
  • Increased capacity for compassion

Call 865-219-3210 for more info or to register.
Email: claudio@themindfulcenter.com

To learn more about Instructor, Claudio Barrientos, please read his Bio.

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Cancellation Policy: You may cancel enrollment in any program (3) three days prior to the commencement of the program with no penalty. Within three days of the commencement of the  program, no refunds will be given, but a credit will be issued in your name. You will be given up to six months to apply the credit toward any of the programs offered by The Mindful Center Knoxville. 

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