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We all do it.
We get stressed, overwhelmed, things are moving at breakneck speed, and before we know it we're cramming down a jelly donut to relieve some of the pressure.

And the truth of it is? The jelly donut works....in the short term.

Stuffing something fabulous in our faces works to move our minds from a tense and overwhelmed place into a space of pleasure.

It's just neither skillful nor sustainable.

We can do better.

In this FREE Webinar with Mindful Eating expert Michelle DuVal, MA, she'll get you up and practicing Mindful Eating in a few quick and easy steps to start experiencing freedom from food....TODAY.

Learn the practice that can LITERALLY change your holiday season from one of torturous restriction and guilt into one of peace, pleasure and ease. Literally.

Join us for this free webinar and receive a downloadable Guided Mindful Eating practice to get you up and practicing as soon as the webinar is over...for real benefit.

If you’ve ever felt out of control with food, experienced strong evening snack binges, have had little success with diets, or if you use food to deal with stress, then join leading mindfulness expert Michelle DuVal, MA, director of The Mindful Center, in this insightful, dynamic FREE webinar in which you will learn:

-What Mindful Eating really is beyond the simple notion of just slowing things down
-How we can actually learn to use food to SKILLFULLY reduce our stress (WHAT??!!)
-The 2 types of hunger every human being has and the practices to skillfully feed them both
-Some of the research behind how Mindful Eating actually works on a physical level...you will be happily SHOCKED to see this!

Mindful Eating Webinar Times
Friday November 18
10am, 1pm OR 4pm MST


Monday, November 21
10am, 1pm OR 4pm MST

Learn Mindful Eating in:

-396Days -8Hours -23Minutes -42Seconds

Michelle DuVal

Michelle DuVal, MA, is the director and lead instructor of The Mindful Center, is the largest provider of Mindfulness trainings in the Southwest United States, and is one of the leading experts in Mindful Eating in the country. Her clinically proven programs are currently taught at the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Labs, NM Heart Institute, Albuquerque Public Schools, Presbyterian Hospitals and more. She also brings mindfulness trainings into the workplace with her Mindfulness Based Workplace Workshops, past clients include the Dept. of Energy, UNM Child Services, the American Lung Assoc., the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. ARCA, and many more. Her online programs of Mindful Eating and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction are offered across the country as part of Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness initiatives. She is one of the only second generation Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teachers in the world, with her father before her teaching the programs for 25 years. She first discovered the huge benefits of Mindful Eating while working in the film business, where she'd either be binging on junk food all day long or severely restricting calories as a way of gaining control, until it all because too much and she finally let her father teach her how to meditate. And lo and behold....she started to feel better. Eventually she became an intern with her father in his mindfulness programs, and when he retired she took over the family business of truly helping people to learn these impactful and beautiful practices. She currently lives in Albuquerque, NM with her twin 4 year olds, her dog Noodle, and her trusty meditation cushion.