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Jump-start your practice, deepen your
library of guided meditations,
and create a homebase for mindfulness
with our entire collection.

These meditations have been written and fine-tuned over 25 years of teaching mindfulness programs and retreats and represent the collaboration between the father and daughter team of Jim DuVal and Michelle DuVal, founders of The Mindful Center.  Each meditation focuses on a different aspect of mindfulness practice, ranging from breath work, visualizations, and contemplative practices.  This collection offers the mindfulness practitioner the full spectrum of practice, and it is our hope that these meditations bring you greater peace, clarity, and stress reduction.

Collection includes the following titles, 31 in total:
Walking Meditation
Creating Space
Warrior Meditation
Sitting in Stillness
Settling the Mind on the Breath
Releasing Tension and Resistance
Riding the Waves of Breath and Pain
Letting It Be
Expanded Awareness
Simple Breath
The Heart of the Body
Spotlight Meditation
Unholding Patterns – Short Version
Unholding Patterns – Long
Letting Go
Deep Seeing
Smiling Meditation
Soft Face Meditation
Lifting Posture
Deep Listening
Deeply Letting Go
Body Scan for Relaxation
Body Scan Meditation
Centering Meditation
Naming Practice
Counting Breaths
Waves of Breath
Letting Go
Remembering Your Good Heart Meditation
Mirror Meditation
Warmth Meditation

all guided meditations

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"These meditations are a beautiful lifeline to the practice. The variety allows me to use different meditations depending on what I'm feeling or dealing with. Only today was I able to make it through Deeply Letting Go without crying. Thank you for this library."

Ann Scheffield, TMC Student

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