Riding the Waves of Breath & Pain -$3.99

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Pain is not a static phenomena.
An experiential understanding of this
helps us learn to cultivate more peaceful
states of mind, even when we’re in pain.

Duration: 10:29

This is the fourth meditation in the six part pain series and is a bit longer for those wishing to expand their ability to sit in meditation, even when pain is present.  This meditation teaches the practitioner how to ride the waves of sensation in the body, whether it be waves of breath sensation or waves of pain sensation, and in so doing, we learn how we can experience painful physiological states while still practicing calm states of mind.  This isn’t easy to do, but when we’re in pain we have two choices.  To fight the pain, get angry with it, and tense up the body against it, which many people find actually increases their experience of pain, or we can practice relaxing into the waves of the sensation, which research shows actually allows people to experience a lesser degree of pain.  This meditation can be done as part of the series or on its own.

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