Upcoming The Mindful Family: Day Course for Parents

More About The Mindful Family: Day Course for Parents

“Mindful Parenting calls us to wake up to the possibilities, the benefits, and the challenges of parenting with a new awareness and intentionality, not only as if what we did mattered, but as if our conscious engagement in parenting were virtually the most important thing we could be doing, both for our children and for ourselves
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

“I felt like my mama soul was so hungry for this support that I soaked everything up
and I found myself in the moment, feeling less triggered and more mindful.”
— Candace Walsh, previous participant and former editor of Mothering Magazine

The study and practice of mindfulness teaches us how to be aware of the present moment.  When we are grounded in the present we are best able to share with our children what is best in ourselves.

Parents will be introduced to several of the key elements of mindfulness and how they can be applied to family life. We will practice specific meditations and take home tools aimed to support participants in forming wise and composed responses to their children and loved ones.

Parenting by nature can be a frustrating and isolating experience…this course aims to connect fellow parents for an inspiring look at the real ups and downs of raising children, and how to reduce our associated stress.

This introductory course will offer parents a chance learn:

  • What is Mindfulness and how it relates to stress reduction within the family structure
  • How to TAKE A PAUSE; specific elements of mindful parenting practice
  • How to bring mindfulness into daily life with kids: walking, eating, breathing, affection, listening, talking

This introductory course is for parents and caregivers of children of all ages, and is suited for beginner to experienced meditators.  For adults only.

kate_homepage_pixInstructor Kate Reynolds, MA, LPCC, has been a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Fe, NM for 15 years.  In her private practice she integrates family therapy with the practices of mindfulness meditation.  She is a clinical supervisor at the SKY Center, a project of the New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project, overseeing family therapy services and mindfulness education.  Kate is the co-founder of The Santa Fe Center for Mindfulness, an organization dedicated to bringing mindfulness learning opportunities to children, teens, and adults.  She created the curriculum, The Joy of Mindful Parenting, and has taken pleasure in teaching the course for several years. Kate has a long term, dedicated mindfulness practice, and has studied under known leaders in the field.  She established The Mindful Center – Santa Fe this year.

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