What Repeat MBSR Students Have to Say About Taking the Program Twice

July 5, 2017 | Mindfulness

face-3 copy“After taking MBSR the first time, I learned so much and was so excited to really become a meditator!  And then that same life pull of too much work and not enough time happened, and I found myself losing my practice.  It was a relief to take it a second time…got me right back into my schedule of practice, right back into some accountability for making it happen, and now I’m back practicing almost every day and feel fortified in a way I couldn’t quite hold on to the first time around.  I highly recommend the repeat experience.”

face-4 copy“Eight weeks flies by!  I felt like I was just beginning to really understand some of the concepts…and then the class was over.  I took MBSR again right away and am so glad that I did…I felt like because everything wasn’t so new and foreign to me, I had a much better time at really getting deep into my practice, right from week one.”

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“I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around…and I hope I wasn’t a know it all, but I also really enjoyed sharing with some of the other new students some of the things I’d learned along the way the first time I took it.  Let me see my practice in a whole new light.  I realized I knew more than I thought I did, which felt great.”

face-5 copy“Just having that weekly place to go and sit with other people who want peace too…I want to just keep taking the class again and again…and Michelle always makes me feel so welcome, she never makes me feel like I’m a groupie, even though, in all honesty, I definitely am a groupie!”


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