The Joy of Mindful Parenting

September 12, 2012 | Mindfulness


It seems extraordinary that the one time in our lives we are supposed to be fancy-free of stress is when we are kids, and yet the US is seeing an alarming rate of kids rating their stress as something they ‘experience on a daily basis and that consistently interrupts the flow of their lives.’  But really, it makes sense.  The more stressed the parents, the more stressed the kids, and it seems impossible to find anyone who isn’t stressing these days.

How many times have you faced off with your child, desperately wanting them to let go of some anger or frustration or just plain ol’ stubborness, and they won’t – or can’t seem to do it.  And this is critical to understand – sometimes we are wanting them to do something they are simply not able to do.  Instead of recognizing this, we tend to get frustrated in these moments, and we push.  And they push back.  And if we’re not careful, this can become the thread of family life.

But what if there were a way to teach children a methodology of letting go?

Enter Kate Reynolds, MA, LPCC and family therapist, whose program The Joy of Mindful Parenting has taught thousands of parents to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily family life, helping make the internal family unit – whatever yours looks like – a safe place of refuge for yourself and the kids, rather than another set of trials to be withstood before bedtime.

This past summer The Mindful Center hosted a 3 hour Mindful Parenting workshop with Kate Reynolds, and I have never received more powerful and heartfelt responses from the participants.  The most common response was, “It was a turning point for me.”

Cultivating mindfulness is about developing the vision to see what the mind is full of at any given moment, and then recognizing an inner potential to choose what to hold onto and what to let go of. In the five week program The Joy of Mindful Parenting, we will learn how to practice this for ourselves and then share the practice with our children in easy-to-integrate ways.

I know of few programs as important as this one.  We sincerely hope you can join us.

With love, Michelle DuVal

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