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These meditations have been written and fine-tuned over 25 years of teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs and retreats and represent the collaboration between the father and daughter team of Jim DuVal and Michelle DuVal, MA founders of The Mindful Center.


What You Get

The Complete Set of our 5 Packages of Guided Meditations

#1 Meditations for Straight Up Stress Reduction

Breath and Body 19.25 min.

Body Scan for Relaxation 21 min.

Creating Space 11 min.

Deeply Letting Go 21 min.

On the Spot Meditation – Smiling 4.5 min.

On the Spot Meditation – Soft Face 6.5 min.

Simple Breath 14 min.

#2 Meditations for Sleep

Body Scan Meditation 36 min.

Stream Meditation 9.5 min.

Unholding Patterns – Short Version 6.5min.

Unholding Patterns – Long Version 14min.

#3 Meditations for Learning How to Meditate

Just Sit 13 min.

Breathing 17 min.

Dealing with Difficult People in Meditation 8 min.

Deep Listening 10.5 min.

Finding Mental Stability 12 min.

Heart of the Body 14.5 min.

Like Steam from a Bun  14 min.

Letting Go 11 min.

Mirror Meditation 14 min.

Move Our Mind 12 min.

Naming 9 min.

Settling 8 min.

Softening the Pushback 18 min.

Spotlight Meditation 24 min.

Walking Meditation 15 min.

Warmth Meditation 15 min.

#4 Meditations for the Workplace

Centering Meditation 12.5 min.

Counting Breaths 8.5 min.

Dealing with Difficult People in Meditation 8 min.

Focusing the Mind 6 min.

Lifting Posture 5 min.

Refresh 5 min.

Surfing 5 min.

Uncluttering the Mind 6 min.

Warrior Meditation 10 min.

Waves of Breath 8 min.

#5 Meditations for Pain

Sitting in Stillness 3.5 min.

Settling the Mind on the Breath 5 min.

Releasing Tension and Resistance 8 min.

Riding the Waves of Breath and Pain 10.5 min.

Letting It Be 14 min.

Expanded Awareness 16 min.

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