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Jump-start your practice, deepen your library of guided meditations, and create a home base for mindfulness with our entire collection.


This is one of our all time favorite packages.  These meditations are designed to teach you all the essential elements of skillful practice, so that you can deepen your practice as you go.  They start with the development of the basic skills of meditation, such as learning how to sit and allow the body to settle into practice, and then progress through all the essential elements, such as the cultivation of mental stability, learning how to let things go in the mind, and deepening our attention to the body.  Eventually we progress into more advanced styles of meditation, such as dealing with difficult people and emotions in our practice.  This series is perfect for the beginner as well as more advanced practitioners.

Meditations for Learning How to Meditate

Just Sit 13 min.

Breathing 17 min.

Dealing with Difficult People in Meditation 8 min.

Deep Listening 10.5 min.

Finding Mental Stability 12 min.

Heart of the Body 14.5 min.

Like Steam from a Bun  14 min.

Letting Go 11 min.

Mirror Meditation 14 min.

Move Our Mind 12 min.

Naming 9 min.

Settling 8 min.

Softening the Pushback 18 min.

Spotlight Meditation 24 min.

Walking Meditation 15 min.

Warmth Meditation 15 min.

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