Can I brag on my current Master Class students?

Here are some of the things the 2020 Master Classers
and I are working on

If you have a wish to teach/ share mindfulness with others but have no idea where to begin, I can help you with that.


Here are some of the ways I am mentoring the current Master Class students:

  • Two students are creating a program around Mindfulness for Parents of Special Needs Children.  They have been working on outlines, and we meet on how to progress the material into an incredible program.  When they are ready, I will be honored to facilitate creating an audience for them to begin to teach it.
  • Two students and I have created an online program called Mindfulness to Reduce Your Online Stress, which is full of so many incredible learning points and practical ways to use mindfulness to reduce the burnout that so many business leaders, educators, and the rest of us are feeling around living so much of our life online.  When the editing is complete, again, I am honored to facilitate creating the audience.
  • A student and I just realized that she has within her the most amazing program around how to use mindfulness for chronic pain…and I am going to not only help her bring it out,  but I will be honored to co-teach it with her….it’s incredible, and she will be the perfect person to share it with the world.
  • Two students have begun to teach a six week Mindful Support Group for Retired Women.   We met to develop the themes, teachings, and practices, and then when I put the program on my website, it filled up with 24 hours with a 40 person wait list.
  • One student has a wish to teach MBSR to teens, and a colloboration where I teach the parents and she teaches the teens is on the slate for later in 2021.

These are just a few glimpses into how this incredible program – The Master Class in Mindfulness – creates endless opportunities to connect more deeply with our fellow humans in meaningful ways.

It’s hard to make deep friendships as adults.  Watching the current 2020 students bond and support each other over the past 9 months has honestly been one of the greatest joys in my life and one of my most fulfilling professional experiences.

If any of this resonates, don’t delay, as the class is filling up quickly.


If you are still unsure, click the link below a book a 20 minute meeting with me on ZOOM to find out if this program is a match for you.