Mindfulness for Exceptional Kids and their Caregivers

Introducing mindfulness for exceptional kids and their caregivers!
This offering is for families who have a child between the ages of 7 and 10 who may have extra needs navigating this complicated world.

Maybe your child struggles with stress or anxiety that makes school or going to bed a little hard for them?
Maybe your child has specialized needs with mobility or with all those motor tasks that are a part of play and daily life?
Maybe your child has a hard time regulating their body making it tough to sit still for school, during meals or watching a movie?

This series is designed for all kinds of kids.
Does it sound like a fit for you and your child?
We leave the determination if this fits your family up to you.

3 Session Program
Wednesdays, 6-7pm MST
March 3, 10, 17
Via ZOOM videoconferencing

Mindfulness practiced in families can help improve relationships, decrease problem behaviors,
reduce stress, and make the whole family happier.

We will come together three times via ZOOM to develop mindfulness skills and to
help each other in our families remember to use these new skills.

Session One March 3, 6-7 p.m. (MST): Caregivers only
Session Two March 10 6-7 p.m. (MST): Children and siblings (attendance of caregivers is required to
provide support)
Session Three March 17 6-7 p.m. (MST): Children and their caregivers learning together.

Your child might benefit from this program if he/she:

1. Can follow directions from someone on a screen.
2. Learns well by listening.
3. Can stay on task for about 45 minutes with your help (and lots of movement breaks).
4. Enjoys trying new things.

Stress is contagious…and so is joy.
Maybe this is the right time to add some tools to your family’s
treasure chest?

What the Caregiver Will Learn

-A simple meditation technique for reducing stress and increasing joy
-How to be aware of when my mind is working against me
-How to share a breathing practice with my child
-Ways to partner with my child to help each other remember to use these new tools

What the Child Will Learn

-How to notice your breath and the connection between breath, body and thoughts
-What it means to Flip your Lid and one thing you can do when you are flippin’ it;
-How breath can help you connect, slow down and just feel good
-How to share a breathing practice with my caregiver

Because this is a free program and registration will be limited to 7 families, we ask that all registrants
commit to attending as many of the 3 sessions as possible.

Free of Charge - Register Today!

We hope so much you can join us!

Meet Your Facilitators

Kristen Red-Horse OTR/L, has learned from and partnered with children and parents for over 25 years in educational, clinical, community and home settings as an educator and occupational therapist. Five years ago she began the life-changing journey of learning about and practicing mindfulness. She is passionate about mindful movement & yoga for children of all ages. She has lived in New Mexico for 24 years and continues to be awed by the beauty of its people, the lands and the culture. She is a recent graduate of the Master Class in Mindfulness offered through The Mindful Center.

Tara Davenport PE, is a former civil engineer turned mother to four children, three with various special needs. She began her meditation journey nine years ago after her daughter was born with spinal muscular atrophy when she realized she needed a better way to manage her stress. She brings first-hand knowledge as a parent in the trenches with children who don’t function in the world in a typical way and is always excited to share her mindfulness practice with other parents. She is also a recent graduate of the Master Class in Mindfulness offered through The Mindful Center.

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