Mindfulness Master Class 2022 The Topics

Mindfulness Master Class

Module 1: Letting Go / February-March
Module 2: Waking Up / April-May
Mid-Term Practical: June
Module 3: Engagement & Performance / July-August
Module 4: Being With Self / August – September
Module 5: Being With Others/ October-November

Module 1: Letting Go

4 Weeks of Teleclasses: We begin the Master Class with a deep dive into the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation through the lens of letting go.  Stress is a form of holding on, peace is a form of letting go…so this is where we begin.  We will learn to identify ourself as a meditator in order to begin our consistent, daily practice….even if we’ve struggled to do so in the past.  This module also focuses on sleep (another form of letting go), as we come to understand that spiritual practice takes energy, and is therefore impossible if we’re tired all the time due to lack of adequate rest.  We will also learn to identify areas of our life in which we’re holding on to stuff that’s bringing no benefit to ourself and the world around us….and then we’ll learn to develop the mindful strategies and practices to let these areas soften and eventually be released, freeing up even more energy for our life and practice!

Two weeks of Partner Work:  The first module’s partner work will be an excellent way to begin to build our community with our fellow Master Classers, in a fun and connecting way, as we deepen this process of identifying places of holding on so as to deepen and ingrain the habit of letting go.

Module 2: Waking Up

4 Weeks of Teleclasses: As we begin to let go and free up some much needed energy – thanks to Module 1 – we begin to train ourselves in how best to hone our daily energy toward what matters most in our lives.  Focusing our Mindfulness on the creative act of designing our daily lives so that we can truly experience waking up and living our lives, rather than staying half asleep or on auto-pilot, allowing our lives to live us.  In this module, mindfulness meditation will be explored as a form of waking up, waking up to our moments, our choices, our feelings, our bodies, and how our words and behaviors send ripple effects out into our world.  We will also bring movement and exercise into the equation, as waking up on the physiological level is integral to our practice as well.

Two weeks of Partner Work: This module’s partner work will more fully explore that last concept of how our words and behaviors effect our world, and how the practice of mindfulness can allow us to distinguish other’s feelings from our own, a critical skill for resiliency.

Mid Term Practical

During the month of June you’ll be asked to explore topics that are specific to your personal journey with mindfulness, be it within relationships, work, performance, and/or wishing to teach mindfulness.  We’ll reflect on how the first two modules have impacted our practice and our daily life, paying careful attention to what’s working and what isn’t so as to continue to refine our practice.  Reflective writing assignments, inward-focus practices, and specific guided meditation practice will be tailored to suit each of your needs and hopes.  Michelle will create your specific Mid Term Practical based on your one-on-one sessions with her, so that June will be the month to meet yourself where you are thus far in the program, so as to help you continue to progress in accordance with your hopes and visions.

Module 3: Engagement & Performance

4 Weeks of Teleclasses: What lights your fire? What gets you excited?  What do want to be excellent at?  What’s your beam of passion?  This module sets the tone for a life on mindfulness, which must necessarily begin to include the areas of our lives we want to take to the moon.  For you it might be parenting, cross country running, hiking, working out, cooking, making stained glass, your job, your hobby…WHATEVER IT IS!  The Sky’s The Limit!  In this module we’ll explore the use of mindfulness to increase performance in whatever area of life you’re wanting to juice up, looking at meditative practices used by high level athletes and top performers.  This is the module in which the rubber is going to hit the road, so hold on!  It’s going to be a whole new end of summer for you!

Two weeks of Partner Work: This module’s partner work is going to create a network of support, fun, engagement, accountability, and connection that you’ve probably never experienced before as an adult, as we learn to both offer support and lean on others in skillful and mindful ways… “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Module 4: Being With Self

4 Weeks of Teleclasses: As we build and grow in our mindfulness practices, in this module we circle back to self as we move into some more advanced practices designed to go deeper into the mind, our resistance, our fears, our body, our health, and yes, even our own mortality.  An ability to be at home in our own mind and bodies is critical to an experience of sustainable peace, which we all want.  In this module we get quiet again, go inward, sit, explore and tease apart some of our most ingrained mental habits that have probably been stealing our daily happiness for most of our lives.

Two weeks of Partner Work: This module’s partner work will be highly reflective while at the same time beginning to build the skill of mindful listening, as we learn to listen to both ourselves and others.

Module 5: Being With Others

4 Weeks of Teleclasses: One of the main aspects of practice that can inspire us to connect with our truest self is to uncover our innate ability to be with others with clarity, peace, open-heartedness, honesty, compassion, and generosity.  Whether it’s our kids, the boob at work who keeps giving us trouble, our students, our patients, our customers, our families, our neighbors, our community, or the sometimes confusing world at-large, being able to show up with a stable open mind and steady loving presence is the gift that expands exponentially and can heal all wounds.  In this module we will explore some of the greatest life-giving meditative practices of all time, so as to reconnect with our good hearts and finally be able to share them fully with others.

Two weeks of Partner Work: In this module’s partner work we’ll take what we learned in the teleclasses and practice two of the main aspects of Being With Others, choosing from the aspects of clarity, peace, open-heartedness, honesty, compassion and generosity and employing the specific practices that enliven these specific skills.

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