Mindfulness Toolkit for Stressful Times

Mindfulness Toolkit

~For Stressful Times~

The 4 Part Mindful Toolkit Includes

A 3 Part Video Training Program

on the 3 most important teachings on using mindfulness during stressful times
….so that mindfulness can begin to immediately help you to reduce your sense of stress and overwhelm
You’ll be shocked at how quickly these teachings can begin to work for you.

Lifetime Access to our
21 Day Calm and Strong
Meditation + Exercise Program
which includes:

**21 days of 3 minute daily video trainings on mindfulness and meditation, and how to skillfully combine them with exercise
…enabling you to exercise your body AND mind
**21 days of downloadable guided meditation + exercise MP3’s, so that you can begin to meditate AND exercise, every single day, in only 10 minutes a day
**Watch the video below to learn more about the Calm and Strong program

The Total Calm Toolkit

**includes 43 downloadable guided meditations for any situation, including sleep, work stress, deep relaxation, pain & more
(see description below)


A Ten Day Virtual Retreat

**join Michelle DuVal on a beach in Mexico as she leads you through the essential practices of retreating from the world
in order to go inward in meditation
**10 days of video teachings
**10 days of guided meditations that correspond to that day’s retreat teaching
**A beautiful guidebook with the essential points of retreat teachings

The Total Calm Toolkit

Meditations for Deep Relaxation
8 recordings
Four Pose Yoga Meditation (20.5 min)
Creating Space (11 minutes)
Deeply Letting Go (21 minutes)
Effortless Meditation (15 minutes)
Unholding Patterns – Short Version (6 minutes)
Unholding Patterns – Long Version (14 Minutes)
Black White Breathing 13.25 min.
On the Spot Meditation – Soft Face (6 minutes)

Meditations for Sleep and Rest
5 recordings
Stream Meditation (9 minutes)
Middle Of The Night Meditation (28 minutes)
Mini Hibernation (8 minutes)
Letting Go (11 minutes)
First Thing in the Morning Meditation (10 minutes)

Meditations for Work Stress
7 recordings
Centering Meditation (12 minutes)
Counting Breaths (8 minutes)
Focusing the Mind (6 minutes)
Lifting Posture (5 minutes)
Uncluttering the Mind (6 minutes)
Warrior Meditation (10 minutes)
Waves of Breath (8 minutes)

Meditations for Pain
6 recordings
Sitting In Stillness (3 minutes)
Settling The Mind On The Breath (5 minutes)
Releasing Tension And Resistance (8 minutes)
Riding the Waves Of Breath And Pain (10 minutes)
Letting It Be (14 minutes)
Expanded Awareness (16 minutes)

Meditations for Learning How to
Deepen Your Meditation

15 recordings
Just Sit (13 minutes)
Breathing (17 minutes)
Dealing with Difficult People in Meditation (8 minutes)
Deep Listening (10 minutes)
Finding Mental Stability (12 minutes)
Heart Of The Body (14 minutes)
Like Steam From A Bun (14 minutes)
Mirror Meditation (14 minutes)
Move Our Mind (12 minutes)
Naming (9 minutes)
Settling (8 minutes)
Softening The Pushback (18 minutes)
Spotlight Meditation (24 minutes)
Walking Meditation (15 minutes)
Warmth Meditation (15 minutes)

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