On Demand Program: Achieving Consistent Mindfulness

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Over my 18+ year career of teaching mindfulness… I noticed one MAJOR barrier that stops people from really, deeply, experiencing the rich benefits of mindfulness.

THAT MAJOR BARRIER is their ability to practice consistently.

Consistency is critical to an ongoing sense of ease and freedom in your mindfulness practice.

Just like you can’t gain the real benefits of exercise without getting yourself moving on a daily basis, so it works with mindfulness.

… the freedom of maintaining your mental stability amidst the chaos of life only comes with a daily practice.

The only trouble is though…

Most people have 5 blocks that stop consistent relaxation and freedom.

If people could focus on clearing these 5 key blocks that stop them from experiencing the more consistent benefits of mindfulness (no matter what happens in your life) – they would be able to simplify their practice and feel more at ease in their daily lives and a lot less stress – even less stress about meditating!

Let me help you remove these blocks so that you can more easily experience the
wonderful benefits of mindfulness every minute of your life.

These 5 blocks crop up time and time again.

 I’ve seen them over and over again during my 18+ years of teaching mindfulness.

If you’ve ever struggled to maintain a consistent mindful practice, I’ll guarantee one of these 5 blocks is creating the problem.

And once you clear these obstacles – which is so much simpler to do with some guidance – you can experience incredible LASTING positive effects from your mindfulness practice.

  • -You can take your mindfulness practice to a whole new level.
  • -​You can feel the full benefit of relaxation and peace that mindfulness offers.
  • -You can consistently ease your constant stress, overwhelm, ceaseless worrying, anxiety or depression.
  • -You can increase flow, ease and relaxation in your life.
  • -You can have more focus and concentration while you work.
  • -You can move into states of greater rest and relaxation more efficiently.
  • -​You can up-level your daily mindful experience starting today.

Here’s just some of what’s covered inside the Achieving Consistent Mindfulness program:

The course is broken down into 9 simple, instantly watchable videos (over 2 hours of content).
Here’s a layout of what you get in each:

​Video 1

  • -Discover the #1 mistake everyone makes that stops them from actually meditating
  • -Learn the truth about how to leverage an understanding of your own mind to make your meditation easier
  • -Discover the secret to changing your relationship with the thoughts that come up in meditation to release the power they have over you

​Video 2

  • -Give me 20 minutes and I’ll show you how to make your kids, your barking dog, your phone and your restless or uncomfortable body so much less distracting
  • -What the heart of mindfulness meditation actually is – and how understanding this can bring you deeper levels of peace and harmony in your life
  • -Understand how shifting objects of our meditation will expand our field of practice… and help you release even more stress

Video 3

  • -How to go deeper into the nature of your thoughts so as to gain greater control of your own mind
  • -Discover how believing your thoughts create the very experience of your meditation…. as well as your whole life
  • -Simple strategies for getting unstuck from your thoughts

Video 4

  • -The #1 commonly held belief about meditation that is preventing you from moving into states of greater rest and relaxation
  • -A definition of stress that can simplify your entire life
  • -Understand how a tense mind creates a tense body… and EXACTLY what you can do about it

Video 5

  • -Learn why going into a trance or similar state when we meditate can actually hinder your mindfulness practice, and what to do about it
  • ​ -If you ever zone out during your meditation practice… try this instead. You’ll feel the benefit of a deeper meditation and practice immediately

Video 6

  • Take advantage of the latest neuroscience research to create consistent meditation practice for yourself… to give you a more consistent sense of peace and harmony
  • -“Train your brain” to be in deeper meditative states with this simple instruction.
  • -How to practice and get good at more peaceful states of mind and brain function… just like you’ve ‘practiced stress’ before.

Video 7

  • -My most important strategies for developing a consistent meditation practice…
    and how to most effectively integrate these strategies into your every day life… NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE
  • -How to schedule your practice and use guided meditations for maximum benefit
  • ​- The key mind-shift in thinking you have to make – to easily stay with your practice long term

Video 8

  • -A simple technique to end the struggle once and for all to consistently meditate
  • -Understand the ‘one word teaching’ on why you sometimes don’t want to meditate, even though you want the benefits
  • -Discover how where you meditate in your house or office could be affecting your consistency…
    and one added element to bring to your meditation spot that you might be missing
  • ​ -The ‘one state of mind’ that all the meditation masters talk about… and how to cultivate it for yourself

Video 9

  • -How to crack your mindfulness efforts wide open with one simple tweak
  • -The unique practice that has totally changed my own life and practice for the better
  • -How to transform stress into a powerful tool to help deepen our practice.

And there’s more….

I also cover:

  • -Why consistency is the true key to the deeper benefits of mindfulness practice according to recent neuroscience research and exactly how to reach that consistency
  • -How to build a daily practice that will literally have you feeling better within a VERY short amount of time
  • -How to strengthen your mental resilience through research-driven practices
  • -The secret to becoming the calm amidst the storm, both personally and professionally
  • -Myths that might be inhibiting your practice – debunked
  • -A powerful insight into your resistance to daily practice, and the strategies to move beyond it
  • ​ -Exactly what distracts most people from their practice and how to stay on your path

“The one thing I’ve always struggled with in meditation is doing it every day. Michelle finally showed me not only the science of why doing some practice every day was so important, but she also gave me all kinds of strategies for getting myself to practice. They’re so easy I almost feel like I’m cheating. But now I love my daily practice. After staying with it for more than 4 months now, I literally feel like a new person.”
– T. Lowney

“Now it’s easy to do my daily meditation…Why didn’t I know these tips sooner?! ”
– D. King

Regular Cost: $69.99​

Special Circumstance Pricing: $19.99

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I hope so much it helps,

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Hope it helps!


One of the most important practices
toward developing mindfulness, this
meditation increases our ability to
use the mind to relax the body.
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