Membership Life on Mindfulness

Life on Mindfulness Is For You If:

–You truly wish to bring a sense of ease into your life in a consistent way
–You wish to easily learn mindfulness, and how to integrate the practice into all areas of life including:
relationships, family, food and eating, sleep, work life, your brain, your body,
your mind, mental focus and concentration, love, gratitude, performance…
and so much more.
–You wish to have a reset…an option to begin again…a roadmap toward creating a new way of being
–You wish to have a consistent guide, instead of searching all over the internet and beginning on one path, then another and another

This Monthly Life on Mindfulness Program Gives You:

–2 Live Mindfulness Webinars a month with Michelle DuVal, MA
with full access to replays
(see webinar description below)

–Exclusive content every month on a different aspect of Life on Mindfulness, topics include:
-Easy Ways to Get Yourself Meditating Every Day
-Gentle Relaxation
-Sharing Presence with Others
-Waking Up to How We Eat
-Before-Bed Mindful Rituals
-The Power of Morning Meditation

-The Mind, the Brain, and You,
-How to Practice When the S**t Hits the Fan
-Find Your Flow – 4 Easy Steps
-Bringing Mindfulness into the Family (without them even knowing!)
-Love and Mindfulness
-and so much more

–5 Downloadable Guided Meditations a month to keep your practice expanding and evolving

–Reading resources sharing vital science and helpful tips and strategies

–Access to the instructor and others in the program in a private Facebook group

–And more.

This exceptional offering is being discounted now to allow as many people as possible
experience the benefits of mindfulness.

Regular Cost: $19.99/ month
Special Circumstance Pricing: $10.00/ month (auto deduct)
~You only need 1 subscription per household~

This Monthly Life on Mindfulness Program Gives You:

2 Live Mindfulness/ Meditation Webinars a month with Michelle DuVal, MA with full access to replays as long as you keep your subscription, even the webinars that happened before you joined!
5 beautiful guided meditation downloads a month, to help keep you on track, so you keep feeling and growing the benefits of mindfulness
Reading resources full of actionable tips and strategies, readings for inspiration, and a research component to deepen your understanding of why these tools really work
Access to the instructor and others in the program in a private Facebook group
And more

Full Description of the Twice Monthly Webinars

–The 1 hour webinars are offered every first and third Saturday of the month
Each webinar will have short teachings followed by meditation
Each webinar will not only be an opportunity to learn about mindfulness, but to practice it as well
Each webinar will be recorded, and you will have full access to all the recordings as long as you keep your subscription…even the webinars that happened before you joined!

–Each webinar has a simple link for easy access…nothing complicated and nothing to install
–All recordings will live in one place, so it will be easy for you to scroll through them and find the ones you missed or you wish to watch again

Additional Online Programs

Online Program: Calm and Strong: Meditation + Exercise

This is the incredible 21 Day Meditation + Exercise Challenge that can totally turn things around for you, once and for all. Every day for 21 days you’ll receive a new 3 minute training video PLUS a 12 minute downloadable guided meditation + exercise MP3. So that in less than 15 minutes a day you can be meditating AND exercising…EVERY SINGLE DAY. Feel better, get stronger and more stable…in both body AND mind. We guarantee you’ve NEVER taken a program like this before.

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Online Program: Mindfulness for Anxiety, Worry, Depression and Pain

Depression, anxiety, worry and pain are the kind of things that erode the quality of your life every day and make you wonder if you’re broken for good. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people just like you… and I’m here not only to tell you that you are NOT broken, but to prove it to you by teaching you how to feel that way for yourself.

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