On Demand Program: Mindful Eating

Watch this short video with Michelle DuVal, MA, as she explains Mindful Eating.
With over 115,000 views on youtube, it’s a great intro to the practice.

What the Online Program in Mindful Eating Is All About

In this 8 part program, Michelle DuVal, MA, delivers her one-of-a-kind Mindful Eating program that she’s been teaching students at the University of New Mexico for the past 12 years with astonishing results. Each week you’ll receive a new series of video training modules as well as downloadable guided meditations to start and sustain your practice – yours to keep – as well as weekly assignments designed to develop your practice. No one teaches Mindful Eating quite like Michelle does, and her easy-to-integrate instruction and real life examples will keep you engaged, motivated, and learning every step of the way. If you’ve tried countless diet programs with little to no success, it’s definitely time to try something new…with a true expert in the field.

Cost: $99.00 + tax

Reasons People Participate in the Mindful Eating Program:

  • feeling out of control with food and eating
  • eating large amounts of food, even when not hungry
  • experiencing negative emotions during and after eating
  • having a love-hate relationship with food
  • using food to deal with stress
  • having little or no success with diet and exercise plans
  • habitually eating too fast
  • feeling consistently ’stuffed’ after eating
  • currently experiencing an unhealthy/ uncomfortable body weight

Did you know that LESS THAN 2% of people actually weigh less two years after completing one of the TOP FOUR weight loss programs?


Key Program Points Include:

  • Application of mindfulness toward food choices
  • Developing a greater awareness toward hunger and satiety clues from the body
  • Understanding how stress impacts not only how we eat but how we live our lives, with special attention paid toward developing the stress management tools for a lifetime of health and greater well being.
  • Learning to identify personal triggers for mindless eating, such as emotions, social pressures, or certain foods
  • Specially designed eating exercises for a direct experience of mindful eating
  • Downloadable guided meditation for developing an effective practice

People who complete a six week or longer Mindful Eating program report:

  • Less stress in relation to eating and food
  • A greater sense of well being
  • A greater sense of self-satisfaction, self esteem
  • A decreased sense of being controlled by food
  • An ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations
  • An easier time losing weight….and keeping it off

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