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The Love Class

Most people think that in order to feel more love in their life, they need more lovable people around.  But within the teachings and practices of meditation, we discover that we can create more and deeper experiences of love based on how we use our mind.  So that we can begin to feel love anytime and anywhere, toward more and more living beings, including ourselves.

This can change your life forever.

As part of the class, participants receive a comprehensive e-course book providing beautiful teachings, explanations, and tips for students not only during the session, but after it’s conclusion as well.  Also, each student receives a set of Downloadable Guided Meditations (MP3) that are utilized throughout the four week program and that will also support you long after the class has ended.  So that you can  practice cultivating this truly loving mind for the rest of your life.

Also included is lifetime access to the online version of the program.

In this program students will learn:

  • Loving Kindness meditations
  • How to transform negative feelings into positive ones
  • How to sit with yourself in a way that can transform loneliness
  • Practices to take out into the world with you
  • Skills for dealing with difficult people in a more loving way

18 Science Based Ways Loving Kindness Meditation Has Been Proven to Help:
from Emma Seppal, PhD, Yale University

1. Increases Positive Emotions & Decreases Negative Emotions In a landmark study, Barbara Frederickson and her colleagues ( Fredrickson, Cohn, Coffey, Pek, & Finkel, 2008) found that practicing 7 weeks of loving-kindness meditation increased love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope, interest, amusement, and awe. These positive emotions then produced increases in a wide range of personal resources (e.g., increased mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, decreased illness symptoms), which, in turn, predicted increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms.

2. Increases vagal tone which increases positive emotions & feelings of social connection
A study by Kok et al (2013) found that individuals in a Loving Kindness Meditation intervention, compared to a control group, had increases in positive emotions, an effect moderated by baseline vagal tone – a physiological marker of well-being.

3. Decreases Migraines:
A recent study by Tonelli et al (2014) demonstrated the immediate effects of a brief Loving Kindness Meditation intervention in reducing migraine pain and alleviating emotional tension associated with chronic migraines.

4. Decreases Chronic Pain
A pilot study of patients with chronic low back pain randomized to Loving Kindness Meditation or standard care, Loving Kindness Meditation was associated with greater decreases in pain, anger, and psychological distress than the control group ( Carson et al., 2005).

5. Decreases PTSD
A study by Kearney et al (2013) found that a 12 week Loving Kindness Meditation course significantly reduced depression and PTSD symptoms among veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

6. Decreases Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders
Also, a pilot study by Johnson et al. (2011) examined the effects of Loving Kindness Meditation with individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. Findings indicated that Loving Kindness Meditation was associated with decreased negative symptoms and increased positive emotions and psychological recovery.

7. Activates empathy & emotional processing in the brain
We showed this link in our research (Hutcherson, Seppala & Gross, 2014) and so have our colleagues (Hoffmann, Grossman & Hinton, 2011)

8. Increases gray matter volume
in areas of the brain related to emotion regulation: Leung et al (2013); Lutz et al (2008); Lee et al (2012)

9. Increases respiratory Sinus Arrythmia (RSA)
Just 10 minutes of loving-kindness meditation has an immediate relaxing effect as evidenced by increased respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA), an index of parasympathetic cardiac control (i.e. your ability to enter a relaxing and restorative state), and slowed (i.e. more relaxed) respiration rate (Law, 2011)

10. Slows Aging
We know that stress decreases telomere length (telomeres are tiny bits of your genetic materials – chromosomes – that are a biological marker of aging). However, Hoge et al (2013) found that women with experience in Loving Kindness Meditation had relatively longer telomere length compared to age-matched controls.

11. Makes you a more helpful person
Loving Kindness Meditation appears to enhance positive interpersonal attitudes as well as emotions. For instance, Leiberg, Klimecki and Singer (2011) conducted a study that examined the effects of Loving Kindness Meditation on pro-social behavior, and found that compared to a memory control group, the Loving Kindness Meditation group showed increased helping behavior in a game context.

12. Increases Compassion
A recent review of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) concludes that Loving Kindness Meditation may be the most effective practice for increasing compassion (Boellinghaus, Jones & Hutton, 2012)

13. Increases Empathy
Similarly, Klimecki, Leiberg, Lamm and Singer (2013) found that Loving Kindness Meditation training increased participants’ empathic responses to the distress of others, but also increased positive affective experiences, even in response to witnessing others in distress.

14. Decreases Your Bias towards others
A recent study (Kang, Gray & Dovido, 2014) found that compared to a closely matched active control condition, 6 weeks of Loving Kindness Meditation training decreased implicit bias against minorities.

15. Increases Social Connection
A study by Kok et al (2013) found that those participants in Loving Kindness Meditation interventions who report experiencing more positive emotions also reported more gains in perception of social connection as well.

16. Curbs Self-Criticism:
A study by Shahar et al (2014) found that Loving Kindness Meditation was effective for self-critical individuals in reducing self-criticism and depressive symptoms, and improving self-compassion and positive emotions. These changes were maintained 3 months post-intervention

17. Is Effective Even in Small Doses
Our study – Hutcherson, Seppala and Gross (2008)
– found an effect of a small dose of Loving Kindness Meditation (practiced in a single short session lasting less than 10 minutes). Compared with a closely matched control task, even just a few minutes of loving-kindness meditation increased feelings of social connection and positivity toward strangers.

18. Has Long-Term Impact.
A study by Cohn et al (2011) found that 35% of participants of a Loving Kindness Meditation intervention who continued to meditate and experience enhanced positive emotions 15 months after the intervention. Positive emotions correlated positively with the number of minutes spent meditating daily.

From Michelle

Michelle DuVal – Director of TMC Albuquerque
“The Love Class can be considered a continuation of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  As we reduce our stress, there’s a natural tendency to open towards love and kindness.  In fact, in a wider perspective of true stress reduction, we begin to understand that more love and kindness is the #1 way to reduce stress.  So if you want to go deeper into reducing your daily stress and suffering and experiencing more love and joy, then this is the class for you.”  Click here for Michelle’s bio.


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The Love Class July Program

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I hope so much this helps,

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Hope it helps!


One of the most important practices
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