Are you having trouble sleeping or sleeping well?
Do you wake up feeling groggy and unrefreshed?
Does your mind tend to race in the middle of the night?

You might want to join us for

The Sleep Class:
Learn to use Mindfulness Meditation
to help you rest, relax, and move your brain
into patterns that help with sleep


What It’s About

Did you know that meditation has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to help with sleep?  In test after test, researchers can see very clearly that when people meditate as part of their sleep ritual, their brain wave patterns shift out of the patterns associated with perseveration and racing thoughts and toward the patterns associated with rest and sleep.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Upwards of 83% of people report falling asleep easier, sleeping deeper, and waking up more refreshed after integrating consistent meditation practice into their lives.  In this program I’ll take you through some of that clinical evidence, I’ll teach you an amazing Science Based Sleep Ritual that has been helping thousands of my students, and I’ll share with you some of the best guided meditations available to not only help you to relax and fall asleep, but also practices you can use in the middle of the night, in the morning to help wake you up more effectively and efficiently, as well as practices you can use throughout the day to either take power-naps when you need them, or increase your mental focus in meditation when you can’t.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to meditate for rest, relaxation and letting go (it’s slightly different than straight up meditation)
  • How to integrate mindfulness into your daily life to reduce overall tension – which will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night
  • How to use your mind to shift your brain out of patterns of perseveration, rumination, worry, anxiety, and depression that can surface for us, especially at night

As part of this workshop you will receive:

  • A series of downloadable guided meditations that can immediately be applied to sleep issues, waking up issues, and everything in between
  • Live weekly classes you can attend right from the comfort of your home, delivered via zoom Videoconferencing, so that as we end each class with a meditation, you could potentially just head right off to bed or into your nighttime ritual
  • Helpful readings with tips and strategies for better sleep rituals and the science behind them, sleep hygiene, and how mindfulness meditation can be successfully integrated into your life for greater rest
  • A framework for practice, so that week to week you watch your skill increase with meditation

From Michelle

Michelle DuVal – Director of TMC Albuquerque
“Few things affect the brain and body as negatively as lack of consistent good sleep, and many of us are walking around like zombies a lot of our days because sleep and deep rest has become elusive.  Meditation can be so effective, I often wonder why more people aren’t using it for sleep.  And then I realized that many of us might not know exactly how.  The Sleep Class is one of our most popular offerings I think for this reason.  And then evening timeframe – 7-8pm – coupled with the fact that you can attend the class right from home makes it a terrific way to begin to apply the teachings and practices right from class #1.  And don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the Zoom technology….it’s incredibly easy and we’re here to help you get set up.”
 Click here for Michelle’s bio.


All Sleep programs are 7 – 8pm via ZOOM Video Conferencing,
so you must have an up-to-date computer and internet access to attend.
If you are unfamiliar with the technology, don’t worry, we will help you get set up.
Cost: $150

Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

The Sleep Class April Program

$150.00 Learn More
Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

The Sleep Class July Program

$150.00 Learn More
Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

The Sleep Class November Program

$150.00 Learn More
Settling the Mind on the Breath Meditation

Breathing can be an immediate tool for calming the central nervous system. This short meditation can be done anytime, anywhere you want to take things down a notch and ease your stress.

I hope so much it helps,

Body Scan for Relaxation

The next best thing to sleep is rest. If you can use this meditation to help you move into a state of rest, you are at least now moving in a good direction. So don't be discouraged if it doesn't put you right to sleep. Use it to put you to rest, and then see what happens.

I hope so much this helps,

Focusing the Mind Meditation

If you Google what the top ten most successful people do on a daily basis, more than half say they meditate.

When our mind gets scattered, it's hard to be efficient and effective. Try this short practice to interrupt any overwhelm and refocus the mind.

Hope it helps!


One of the most important practices
toward developing mindfulness, this
meditation increases our ability to
use the mind to relax the body.
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