Webinar: How to Meditate for True Calm and Know You’re Doing It Right

Ever wonder if you're doing it right?
Or how to know that your practice is deepening?

This webinar could help you.
Webinar: How to Meditate for True Calm
and Know You're Doing It Right

Saturday, Nov. 7, 10-11am MST.
(replay available to those who register
but can’t make it to the live webinar)

You’ve heard meditation is so good for you.
So you sit down and try, and your mind wanders, and you breathe, and your back gets achy, and you breathe some more…all the time wondering if this is how meditation is supposed to be.

You’ve been meditating for a decent amount of time and are not sure your are still on path with a deepening practice.
Did you know there are certain ways we can know if we’re “doing it right” and if our meditation is truly on path with the cultivation of more calm and relaxed states?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Exactly what you’re doing in mindfulness meditation, so that each and every time you practice you can do so with confidence
  • Simple ways to keep your meditations progressing on the path of True Calm…instead of descending into frustration, distraction, or even sleep!
  • How to bring your calm mind of meditation out into the word with you, so that it begins to impact each and every part of your life

This is what we’ll be exploring…perfect for beginner meditators
and a great refresher for the more advanced.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Access to the live webinar with Michelle DuVal, MA, director of The Mindful Center on Saturday, Nov. 7, 10-11am MDT
  • A replay of the webinar should you have to miss the live session but don’t want to miss the teaching – lifetime access
  • 2 downloadable guided meditations with simple, straightforward, yet profound guidance to help keep your meditations on path and progressing – yours to keep

How to Meditate for True Calm and Know You're Doing It Right

Saturday, Nov. 7, 10-11am MST.


We hope so much you can join us!

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