Webinar: Mindfulness Practices to Improve Your Sleep


Mindfulness Practices to
Improve Sleep

Saturday, Dec. 5, 10-11am MDT.
(replay available to those who register
but can’t make it to the live webinar)

Everyone experiences sleep disturbance and issues in their course of life…but did you know just how much mindfulness can help?  Learn how to give your brain exactly what it needs each and every night to allow it to let go of the day into sleep.  Also learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to literally change your brainwaves to move them into more helpful patterns for sleep, rest, and relaxation….the two guided meditations that come with this can truly change your evening ritual, as well as send you a lifeline in the middle of the night when sleep feels utterly elusive.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use mindfulness to move your brain into the brainwave patterns associate with sleep, rest, and relaxation, and out of overactive thinking patterns
  • How to use mindfulness to give yourself exactly what you and your brain need on a daily basis in order to be able to let go into sleep at night
  • How to access deeper states of rest and relaxation to help yourself get the rest you need to feel energized and nourished
  • What to do with your mind when you don’t get the sleep you need so that you can still feel focused and at peace…even when the body is tired

Everyone should know these practices.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Access to the live webinar with Michelle DuVal, MA, director of The Mindful Center on Saturday, Dec. 5, 10-11am MDT
  • A replay of the webinar should you have to miss the live session but don’t want to miss the teaching – lifetime access
  • 2 downloadable guided meditations with simple, straightforward, yet profound guidance to help keep your meditations on path and progressing – yours to keep

Mindfulness Practices to Improve Sleep

Saturday, Dec. 5, 10-11am MDT.


We hope so much you can join us!

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