Have you been learning about or practicing mindfulness and want to go deeper?
Want to spend a weekend in peaceful settings just meditating, connecting with others like you, and relaxing?
Have you taken MBSR or the Day Course and are wanting more?
Want to have a retreat experience without leaving your life entirely?

Then Join Us For Our Upcoming

Weekend Mindfulness
~Mini Retreat~

Saturday, Oct. 12, 10am -2pm at the Norbertine Retreat Space
(Coors 3 miles south of Rio Bravo)
and Sunday, Oct. 13, 9am – 12pm at Montessori One
(Paseo Del Norte and Ventura)
Perfect for Beginners and More Experienced Practitioners

Comments from past participants….

“Oh my goodness, mind is BLOWN.”
Participant, May Weekend Retreat

“I would do this again in a heartbeat.  In fact, sign me up for June.  This weekend was so deeply helpful.  I can’t say enough.”
Participant, May Weekend Retreat

“Oh this is such an exciting gift after the retreat! I have kept up with my meditation practice after the course I took with you (almost 5 years ago!), but I’m always excited to learn new techniques to practice with. The Saturday retreat that I was able to attend was so fantastic and restful! I was thrilled to learn the technique you taught about connecting to a feeling of “home” whenever you need to. As someone who still experiences panic (but no more panic attacks since practicing meditation), I often find myself wanting to just go home. I  had an opportunity to practice with this as we just got home from Taos for my husband’s birthday. It helped a lot and I’m going to continue to explore it.

Thank you so much for offering these retreats! I always come back from them feeling refreshed but also excited to continue practicing meditation.
Oh and I have “watch the clouds with the kids” and “drink a glass of water on the patio” written on my calendar for this week. Thanks for that too!


Let us take care of you for the weekend

Spend the weekend with Michelle DuVal, MA, director of TMC, and really get mindfulness into your bones in this mini-retreat deep dive into the skills, the practices, and the incredible benefits of mindfulness meditation.  Part teaching, part experiential, throughout the weekend you’ll be guided by Michelle through some of the most essential practices in mindfulness meditation with two basic goals in mind:

1. Reduce our daily stress and suffering
2. Increase our daily health, happiness, joy, and sense of ease


Included with the Weekend Intensive is a special series of guided meditations created just for this, so you can bring your Retreat Mind back with you into daily life.

In this Weekend Mini-Retreat you will learn:

  • How to practice and/ or deepen your daily practice of mindfulness meditation with consistency and efficiency….even if you’ve struggled in the past
  • New practices designed to help you engage in a more intentional way with your kids, your co-workers, your loved ones, heck, even your neighbors barking dog!
  • How to expand your field of practice to include more of your daily life….this might surprise you!
  • Unique mindful walking and eating practices that just might change the way you show up for certain parts of your day
  • How to let go at times of some of the repetitive, daily grind kind of stuff so as to set your mind on other aspects of life as well

As part of this mini-retreat you will receive:

  • A wonderful set of downloadable guided meditations designed to help you reconnect with your Retreat Mind after the retreat has ended
  • Thoughtful writings designed to help keep you inspired to practice
  • Terrific videos with experts in the field sharing some of the research on mindfulness, neuroscience, and lovely little mindfulness life-hacks…some of the most thought-provoking topics I’ve seen handled in exceptional ways
  • Coffee, tea and uber-flaky-style croissants for our Sunday morning session as we incorporate some mindful eating into our practice session

From Michelle

Michelle DuVal – Director of TMC Albuquerque
“It’s been a dream of mine to begin weekend mini-retreats.  With time for real practice, teachings and discussion in a beautiful natural environment.  We’ll get out of the city a little bit on Saturday in order to really let our meditation sink in.  Then I’ll send you home with some contemplative practices designed to hopefully enable some aha moments, and then we come back together on Sunday in another peaceful setting in the city for some thoughtful discussion and workshops, meditation, coffee and croissants.  Would love to have you in my care for the weekend.”  Click here for Michelle’s bio.


Cost for the weekend, everything included
PLUS Series of guided meditations + coffee, tea and croissants Sunday morning

Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

Weekend Mindfulness Mini-Retreat October

$99.00 Learn More
Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

Weekend Mindfulness Mini-Retreat October Saturday Only

$75.00 Learn More
Day Course in Mindfulness Dec 1 2018

Weekend Mindfulness Mini-Retreat October Sunday Only

$75.00 Learn More
Settling the Mind on the Breath Meditation

Breathing can be an immediate tool for calming the central nervous system. This short meditation can be done anytime, anywhere you want to take things down a notch and ease your stress.

I hope so much it helps,

Middle of the Night Meditation

The next best thing to sleep is rest. If you can use this meditation to help you move into a state of rest, you are at least now moving in a good direction. So don't be discouraged if it doesn't put you right to sleep. Use it to put you to rest, and then see what happens.

I hope so much this helps,

Focusing the Mind Meditation

If you Google what the top ten most successful people do on a daily basis, more than half say they meditate.

When our mind gets scattered, it's hard to be efficient and effective. Try this short practice to interrupt any overwhelm and refocus the mind.

Hope it helps!


One of the most important practices
toward developing mindfulness, this
meditation increases our ability to
use the mind to relax the body.
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