Workshop: Making Peace with Life

There’s seems to be so much to be at odds with in this life…but is there really? Learn simple yet profound practices that help us change our relationship to the ups and downs of life, so peace becomes imminently possible.


Making Peace with Life

Saturday, April 17, 10-11am MST
(replay available to those who register
but can’t make it to the live webinar)

In this workshop you will learn:

-An ancient practice that helps us find the strength within to meet life with peaceful clarity instead of scrambling confusion

-The two phenomena that daily robs you of your peace…and how to skillfully deal with both of them

-A practice you can go to again and again to “Find Your Peace”

-And more

Power to the Peaceful.

Here’s what you’ll get:

-Access to the live webinar with Michelle DuVal, MA, director of The Mindful Center on Saturday, April 17, 10-11am MST

-A replay of the webinar should you have to miss the live session but don’t want to miss the teaching – lifetime access

-2 downloadable guided meditations with simple, straightforward, yet profound guidance to help keep your meditations on path and progressing – yours to keep

Making Peace with Life

Saturday, April 17, 10-11am MST.


We hope so much you can join us!

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