Workshop: Music and Mindfulness: Deep Listening

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This workshop delves into the art of music,
how it affects and enhances our brains,
builds connections and emotional intelligence…
just like mindfulness! 

And how mindfulness and music can together create an
incredible alchemy toward life affirming inspiration
and newfound hope. 

Get uplifted in this ears-on workshop.

Live Workshop

Music and Mindfulness:
The Art of Deep Listening

Saturday, August 20, 10-11am MDT
~replay available~

In this workshop you will learn:

-How to use music to deepen your mindfulness practice

-How to use music and mindfulness to enhance brain activity and
give your brain the energy boost
it needs
to build new neural pathways and
heal others.

-How to use the music and mindfulness to increase emotional intelligence

-And more

This will be a pleasant, uplifting, and
inspiring day.
Everyone welcome.

Here’s what you’ll get:

-Access to the live workshop with Michelle DuVal, MA,
director of The Mindful Center on Saturday, August 20, 10-11am MDT

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Life Online, On Mindfulness

Saturday, August 20, 10-11am MDT.

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