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Life on Mindfulness Membership

Membership Life on Mindfulness

This is our premier membership program for anyyone wanting to live a more mindful life. With access to twice monthly live meditation sessions, exclusive content, and downloadable guided meditations, this program provides the guidance, inspiration and support to truly create a life on mindfulness.

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Life and Death on Mindfulness: The Master Class

This 9 month program delves into all of the most important ways we can use the practice of mindfulness and meditation to live more freely, with less fear, anxiety, daily stress and suffering, and with more meaning, connection, and light-hearted joy.

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Daily Live Guided Meditations on Zoom

The Sanity Sessions

Every weekday Michelle and a wonderful crew of peeps from all across the country come together to meditate for 20 minutes (30 on Mondays). Michelle calls them her Sanity Sessions. It’s that break, that pause, that breath, that allows us to drop out of what we’re always worrying about and planning for. So that we can just live. We hope so much you can join our beautiful – and growing – community.

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Mindfulness Workshop Sharing Mindfulness with Others

Workshop: Sharing Mindfulness with Others

Dec. 3, 10-11:15am MT
In this season of giving, sharing mindfulness with others can be like teaching a person to fish – it’s the gift that keeps giving.  But how?  What do you say about mindfulness so that you don’t sound preachy or like it solves everything?  How can you get them interested enough to give meditation a try?  What are the best meditations to recommend?  What are the best resources to point them to?  This workshop will be chock full of actionable tips, soundbytes, resources, PLUS a directory of videos you can share with others so that you too can spread the peace of mindfulness practice.

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Our Beautiful World - See It with Mindfulness

Workshop: Our Beautiful World

Jan. 7 10-11:15am MT
Did you know that our oceans hold more than $700 trillion worth of gold? Or that plants can help you heal faster? Or that 60 tons of cosmic dust falls to earth every single day? Or that the world is host to 18 decillion varieties of different colors?  When you pause to marvel, you suddenly see marvels all around.   As we begin this precious new year, let’s take that pause to shift our minds towards awe and wonder, to see things with fresh eyes, and find new ways to offer our protection to our beloved home.

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The Human Search for Meaning

Workshop: The Human’s Search for Meaning

Jan. 21, 10-11:15am MT
Do you what the most googled word ever is?  The word “WHY.”  It’s in our nature to wonder why and to look for meaning.  As chaos seems to spin from all around, learn how to use your mindfulness practice to find meaning and purpose to your life, so that you can be very clear in which direction you’re heading, and why, and how to course correct with meditation at any moment in time.

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On Demand


On Demand Program: Mindful Eating

A one-of-a-kind program that runs eight weeks and teaches participants an entirely new approach to weight loss, healthy eating, and stress reduction. Participants learn the clinically proven techniques of mindfulness and how to hone and direct their skills toward eating and weight issues.

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On Demand Program: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

In this 8 part course participants progress through a uniquely comprehensive study and practice of mindfulness meditation: what it is, how to do it in our daily lives to reduce stress, manage pain, help with sleep issues, weight issues, healing processes, and more, and how it enables our ability to participate in our own health and well being.

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Mindfulness Toolkit for Stressful Times

This toolkit is a bundle of our most impactful programs and practices for these challenging times, all provided at a DEEP DISCOUNT during the pandemic. As social distancing takes hold and the reality of our situation sinks in, we need to actively engage in learning a new way of showing up in the world. This bundle provides all the elements needed to use this time to learn new skills, develop and deepen your meditation practice, and exercise your body and mind in a way you’ve never done before…

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On Demand Program: Achieving Consistent Mindfulness

Most people have 5 blocks that stop consistent relaxation and freedom. If people could focus on clearing these 5 key blocks that stop them from experiencing the more consistent benefits of mindfulness (no matter what happens in your life) – they would be able to simplify their practice and feel more at ease in their daily lives and a lot less stress – even less stress about meditating!

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On Demand Program: Mindfulness for Anxiety, Worry, Depression and Pain

Depression, anxiety, worry and pain are the kind of things that erode the quality of your life every day and make you wonder if you’re broken for good. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people just like you… and I’m here not only to tell you that you are NOT broken, but to prove it to you by teaching you how to feel that way for yourself.

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Costa Rica Meditation Retreat

Costa Rica Meditation Retreat

Dec. 10 – 17, 2022
Join Michelle DuVal, MA, director of The Mindful Center for an incredible week long immersive meditation retreat focused on relaxation, well being, and developing greater insight into our lives, our struggles, and how we begin to live more fully, with less stress and greater ease… all while staying in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the jungle-beach of Costa Rica.

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