Wanna Play Some Frisbee? (I’m Serious…)

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One of the major implications of stress is what it does to our vision. It tends to condense and constrict it. I’ve never heard anyone say, gosh, I’m so stressed out…and I feel so open and expansive!

~Truth be told, I’ve never heard anyone- stressed or not – say the words “Gosh, I feel so open and expansive!” but I hope you get the meaning here.~

In fact, it’s pretty easy to see the opposite to openness happening. We tend to first notice it in the body, then in the mind.

Our bodies get tight and tense, our muscles clench, blood pressure rises, and we literally feel ready to fight something.

Just about the exact opposite to open and expansive, right?

And then on the level of mind, our mental capacity to be with all the stuff of daily life gets small and tight too.  And the smallest thing can set us off and have us feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and living a good distance away from our good good hearts.

But the biggest bummer to me is that so many people out there think there’s no other way to live their life.

Hopefully, just the fact that you’re reading this and are to some degree on this journey with me, you realize that there is another way.

There’s a big beautiful world out there.

Sometimes, just getting out and in it can open our minds and bodies more efficiently and effectively than anything else can.

Getting out and in it.
What could that mean?

—Going on a hike/ walking meditation.
—Sitting in meditation in your back yard…
no goals of cleaning or weeding.
—Going to a park just to sit and be present with
the grass, trees, kids, and cloud-pirate-ships.
—Getting some friends together and present
to play frisbee…

I’m 47 years old, not 17, not even 27.

But how would putting together something like a frisbee match affect your mind?

How would your friends react if they received an invitation from you to meet at some park at some designated time to play frisbee?

Of course, at first they’d think you’d lost your mind.

But can you wonder at how many might actually join you just for the odd free-ness of it?  For the strange peculiarity of carving out some time in our daily lives for the pursuit of a darn frisbee?

Now I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

For the first twenty people who email me back on this, I’m going to invite you to join me for a game of frisbee in
Albuquerque on Saturday November 9, at Roosevelt Park, from 10-11am.


You heard me. A game of frisbee.
All kids are welcome!

So check your calendar, then check your heart, and if all things align, respond to this email ASAP and let’s go play a game in a park with no strings attached and no other reason than getting out and in it.

Who wants to join me?
Can’t wait to beat your butt (mindfully) in frisbee! 🙂

PS:Once you RSVP for Frisbee, you’ll receive an email from me with all the details, logistics, and a free frisbee-mental-prep meditation.

Oh, I’m serious…frisbee logistics + meditation.

If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it with mindfulness.

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