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We have an incredible range of classes – live, online, and on demand – to help you feel better TODAY.

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We believe mindfulness teachers are an integral part of the community, so we help them grow and thrive through in-the-field training, mentoring, & more.


Everyone should go on retreat at least once in their life to experience the deep rest and profound shifts that are mostly unavailable during daily life.

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Join Michelle and hundreds of people from across the country at one of her upcoming live webinars and experience her teachings and guidance directly.

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Some Things I’m Doing Right Now to Pivot and Fly

Remember that there are few better examples of resiliency than the human brain. You have resiliency dialed into your neurons and your DNA….it’s how we’ve survived as long as we have, even when times were leaner and harder than they are now. So we’ve been given this current challenge, now the question becomes how do

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Some Golden Nuggets of MBSR

Some Golden Nuggets of MBSR Over my 18+ years of teaching this extraordinary program, certain teachings rise to the surface again and again….these are what I call some of the golden nuggets of MBSR. Here are just a few of them (scroll down to watch the video):         –It will never bring your life into

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When Meditation Fails Us

When Meditation Fails Us A few days ago I realized that I’d fallen into a slump. No verve. Sadness for lives and livelihoods lost. A sense of hopelessness at the timeline for all of this lasting and the uncertainty of the future.  I also felt a little guilty at the fact I’d just yelled at

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